Modernity, dynamism and savoir-faire …

Modernity, dynamism and savoir-faire dedicated to innovative perfume creations

Modernity, dynamism and savoir-faire dedicated to innovative perfume creations

PERFUM stands out for its love of high-quality raw materials and zeal for original and passionate craftsmanship. We specialize in designing, producing and marketing perfume compositions.

The next generation of gifted perfumers

We offer a young, dynamic and engaged eye for a fresh perspective on perfumery, blending traditional savoir-faire and resolutely bewitching modern creations. With longstanding roots in the city of Grasse, the global capital of Perfume, our team is open onto the world and focused on the future. Driven by an ardent commitment to excellence, PERFUM works together with specialized consultants to offer true expertise that is recognized within the profession.


A human touch for genuine relationships

PERFUM remains close to our clients, doing business on a human scale thanks to a flexible structure and a focus on transparency at every step in the production process. We strive to provide customer satisfaction and create trust through:

  • A direct personal relationship with our creative teams, with no middlemen
  • Cooperation with our perfumers throughout the production process
  • Expert guidance and advice for customized perfume creations

Guidance at every step in the design process

PERFUM is more than a renowned perfume creation company. We are working with you as a genuine partner for your projects. Our team advises you throughout the preparation and implementation of your projects, offering you guidance for the creation of your perfumes.